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Waiting on the War to End

An update by Adrian Riney from Jordan

Our time spent in Jordan, we were partnered with a church that does outreach EVERY DAY to 1,000s of Syrian families. The war in Syria has caused millions of people to leave their homes, jobs and loved ones. 1,000s have been beaten, raped, and killed since the war began in 2011. These are REAL people, with real stories. They want to work but they cant. Women without husbands or family are in danger of living in refugee camps. Most of the women have children and no help what so ever. Children old enough are traumatized and scarred from what they have seen from the war. The people are looked down upon and considered an “outcast” in the countries they have entered.  

God is moving in Jordan and in the hearts of the Syrians, in this time of hopelessness, loss and struggle. People are coming to know Jesus and finding hope! A whole family gave their heart to Jesus while we were there!!!!! Praise God!!! 

They need LOVE. 

They need HOPE. 

They need JESUS. 

While waiting for the war to end.  

Syrians are the sweetest people, they are welcoming and very hospitable. We were always welcomed with tea and coffee. Though they don’t have much, they always put others first. Something that we can all learn from.

Here is a small glimpse of what we did in Jordan. We were not allowed to take pictures most places we went to. Please continue to pray for Syrians to come to know Jesus while waiting on the war to end.